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It is essential to go through a purchase agreement carefully before signing anything—a wide variety of jargon and slang crop up often throughout the real estate transaction process. To prevent feeling confused or intimidated, studying real estate lingo before engaging in a transaction is a good idea. In particular, while signing any real estate deal, be sure you completely grasp the terms of the agreement to which you are committing yourself. Know more at:

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The sum of money held in escrow to guarantee the fulfillment of both real estate agreements. Unless the buyer and seller have negotiated a lower deposit sum via the real estate agency handling the sale of the property, the buyer will be expected to give a deposit equivalent to 10% of the entire purchase price.

A legal record details a property’s location, volume, and folio numbers and the current owner. Easements, mortgages, and other liens or claims on the property could also be reflected in the title. The Registered Land Office keeps the official origin of the certificate of title, while the landowner or mortgagee (such as a bank) keeps the official copy. Property titles are updated to reflect the new owner once they are transferred.

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Easements, mortgages, caveats, and leases are all examples of restrictions on the use or transfer of property that are often recorded on the title. Selling any property involves two parties: the seller and the buyer. In this context, “vendor” refers to the person or entity making the sale. The person or entity who buys property or has an interest in it is referred to as “the purchaser.”


It’s essential to go through a mortgage contract thoroughly before signing anything. Please consult an attorney of your choice if you have any questions regarding the content of this paper. After committing oneself in writing, one cannot withdraw from a contract. You must make sure you fully understand everything before signing.